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Get a Free Participation in the Workshop "Dramaturgy of Physical Action". Special offer

Are you a theatre director or choreographer looking for an opportunity to broaden your horizons? If you start study and paid by October 20th some 3-month course, 12-month course or 18-month course receives a free participation in the international workshop "Dramaturgy of Physical Action"! Offers are limited.

3-month program "Choreography and Blocking in Performance" (Distance)

For theatre directors, choreographers and performers who wish to develop their skills and understanding in creating a composition on the stage. Intake: 1st November

3-month program "The Director and Ensemble Building" (Distance)

At this course, students will be able to explore the role of the physical training for the ensemble building process, techniques to work with actors in a playful manner, how to build up a particular atmosphere, cohesion and dynamics within the group. Intake: 1st November

3-month program "The Director and Play" (Distance)

This course is aiming to show you how to analyze the play, work with the text of the play, research a historical and theoretical context of the play and immerse into the material in order to minimize risks and damages to the relationship between the director, author, and text. Intake: 1st November

3-month program "The Director and Actor" (Distance)

This course is designed specifically for students who are currently working directors or choreogrpahers who need new tools and approaches to work with performers, and for the students who are at the beginning of their careers. Intake: 1st December

18-month program "Theatre Directing" (Distance & Blended)

Become a director by performing, experimenting, learning and creating performances and shows. At the NIPAI, students learn from day one through hands-on experience

Intake: 1st November

12-month program "Theatre Directing" (Distance & Blended) The NIPAI's 1-Year Theatre Directing Program gives students the all-around directing experience necessary to make their own performances and shows.

Intake: 1st November View More >

18-month program "Art Management" (Distance & Blended)

From day one at NIPAI, you develop projects, campaigns, work side-by-side with whole crew, learn technical skills, overseeing productions while learning more and more as you progress through a series of challenging tasks. Intake: 1st December View More >

12-month program "Art Management" (Distance & Blended)

For aspiring creative leaders looking to gain a hands-on education in the craft and business, NIPAI aims to provide one of the best professional education for students of all types and backgrounds.

Intake: 1st December View More >

The International Workshop "Dramaturgy of Physical Actions" is currently looking for participants! This unique workshop will give you the chance to explore new ways of creating theatre, and best of all, if you're interested in pushing the boundaries of your craft, don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The workshop will be led by professional directors, Sergei Ostrenko, and will take place in Laubegg Castle, Austria from December 17-22.


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