Frequently Asked Questions: Diplomas

Where do the diploma courses take place?

The blended diploma courses take place at our studios in Berlin, Germany and in Laubegg, Austria. The Online Diploma is delivered online, with the possibility of an optional participation in our summer directing labs (depending on the developing Covid-19 situation).

When I can start my studies?

New International Performing Arts Institute offers rolling admissions. You may apply year round to enroll in classes for Autumn, Spring, Winter and Summer semesters and begin your study with InClass or E-Learning sessions.

What are the entry requirements for your courses?

For diploma programs entry requirements visit here

I am an international student - am I able to join the course?

Of course! Our courses are open to international students. As a vocational course, students on the Diplomas do not require a student visa. To study at the Online Diploma program, students have to meet these requirements>

If I already took a 3-Months Course with NIPAI and found that I want to go further with the training, can I transfer to a Diploma program?

Yes. Students who complete the 3-Month Distance course can transfer to the Diploma program and are eligible to receive a tuition credit toward the longer program.

How are fees paid?

For individual applicants, there are the following payment options available:
Option 1. Tuition fee is made in one installment.
Option 2. Tuition fee is made in two installments. Option 3. Tuition fee is made in three installments. Once admitted to NIPAI, students should pay a deposit to secure their place in the program. The deposit for all long-term programs (one year or longer) is 1500€ as part of the tuition fee. More information on tuition fees find here>

Are there any further costs?

We endeavour to ensure that the majority of your module reading list is available online through the library, which you can access with your university account. However, you may need to purchase some books for your studies depending on the module you are studying and your research interests. Costs for travel, overnight accommodation, meals, and other personal needs are not included in the tuition fee.

What is a Study Project?

The Study Project runs throughout the program and it is assessed at the end of one program, based on the time of the student’s enrollment. The student starts to think, develop and plan their Study project – Graduation Performance, from the day one at NIPAI. The Study Project for students of the Theatre Directing Course is a final Graduation Performance, produced at a theatre or elsewhere. It is a part of the educational process for the student to find and coordinate with a theatre company or theatre group, where the performance will be produced. The student will receive their Diploma only after their successful defense of the Study Project (Graduation performance) – “premier night”. This process gives students the necessary skills of professional directors, as a director should combine not only artistic skills, but also management skills as well. The student will have a significant degree of help and support from the NIPAI tutors and staff. The Study Project provides you with a practical professional directing experience from the beginning to the final premier. With the input and support of our professional staff and through a series of tasks with a mentor, students will learn how to practically make a professional performance. The information is applicable to various performance spaces such as a street, a black box, or a stage with professional lights and a stage design. Every performance can be unique.

Can I apply for a scholarship?

There are certain options for qualified candidates for funding your studies from Need-Based Tuition Assistance to Talent-Based scholarships. Only accepted students can apply for scholarships and awards.

How do I know which program or workshop is right for me?

The New International Performing Arts Institute has qualified, trained Student Advisors available with whom you can discuss your career goals and the offerings at NIPAI.

What language are the programs held?

All programs are held in English.

Do I get a diploma at the end of the course?

The NIPAI grants a diploma upon successful completion of all modules and Study Project.

Can I contact a former student?

We have many former students who will relate their experience at the NIPAI. Contact our admissions office by phone or email.

Can I obtain diploma online?

Yes, absolutely! There are two options of studies at the NIPAI's long-term programs: online learning and blended learning.
Online Learning is held fully as a distance learning program. The course content and teaching methods are on a par with those offered in our blended courses, yet designed to support learning flexibility and access from around the world.
The program is comprised of 6 distance learning modules, self-study and final exam - performance production.

What is a blended learning format of studies?

"Blended Learning" is a combination of InClass sessions with online learning methods. There are 4 obligatory intensive InClass sessions, which are designed as at least 5-days residential labs in Germany or Austria. Each InClass Session has a minimum of 48 academic hours of practical training with teachers and peer students. The rest of the program is comprised of distance learning modules, self-study and final exam - performance production.

I still have questions that are not answered here

Please email us at and one of the team will get back to you.