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Programs offered at the New International Performing Arts Institute

NIPAI’s courses are designed for a new generation of directors and creative leaders: artists who share a passion for performing arts and want to learn by making their own projects and performances in hands-on, intensive programs. Our programs balance the study of the craft with practical experience to train students to be professional artistic leaders, directors and managers. This is achieved by a rigorous schedule of inclass sessions, e-learning, self-studying and practical experience.

At this program, student will learn by doing from day one through hands-on experience, going through all stages of professional performance making.

Movement Directing programs offer two specializations: Movement Directing in performing arts, on one hand, Teaching and Coaching performing arts professionals on the other.

At this program from day one, you develop projects, overseeing multiple productions while learning more and more as you progress through a series of challenging projects.

With these programs, students can experience NIPAI exactly how they want. Certification Programs have an intensive schedule where students have inclass and online sessions.