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Performing Arts Institute


NIPAI is the place where professional creative leaders rise up. 

New International Performing Arts Institute is "new" because we aim to find a new breathe in performing arts, new horizons for researches, new approaches and applications that will help our students to make new discoveries!​

NIPAI is a private educational institute established with the purpose of exploring and bringing to life new, fascinating and professional forms of contemporary performance making. It was founded on the Knowledge Applicability Concept, which means that all gained knowledge is and should be applied to the performance-making process. This concept combines the best practices that enable performance makers and actors to achieve more valuable results than years of theoretical study. This educational model allows students to achieve more in less time than at the majority of other directing or acting schools in the world.  

NIPAI provides special educational programs, equipping current and future directors, movement directors, actors coaches, choreographers, arts managers and creative leaders with special knowledge and skills necessary to bring positive results in their careers and in the modern Performing Arts industry. 


We have applied courses and programs from leading experts, up-to-date approaches to training, work on real projects, giving you the skills and knowledge that you need as an independent choreographer, director or highly-paid hired expert at the largest companies around the world.

Our courses are designed specifically for artists and creative people who have already completed a full-time training course but have realized that they are not adequately prepared to compete for work opportunities within the industry. Our courses in the field of Theatre Directing, Movement Directing and Arts Management are suitable for those who wish to develop their artistic career, to have certain knowledge, tools and practical skills which are in-demand in the performing arts sector nowadays, and to create professional theatre/dance productions within different circumstances but with a valuable result.

We welcome students from around the world to New International Performing Arts Institute!

During the study each student directs, performs, experiments, creates and works on their performances!


NIPAI promotes the needs of people to be professionals in any age and in any sector of creative industries.

One goal: to give access to professional education for interested individuals, to hone their skills and make them professional performance makers.

One reason: life-long learning is now pivotal to modern and competitive advantage – for companies and individuals alike.

Our philosophy is learning by doing. From day one, students start to create their own original works of art. In every course offered by NIPAI, students receive hands-on immersive education from our prestigious faculty through a variety of combination of in-class sessions, distant learning, workshops, webinars, and student-guided projects.

New International Performing Arts Institute teaches specific skills in Directing, Teaching and Managing that are actually applied, can and should be applied in every day of professional work!


We aim to provide students with the most practical and hands-on experience with access to the latest insights, techniques, findings, theories and methods from the world of Performing Arts, Physical Theatre, Dance Theatre, Directing and other. 

We enable students to gain unsurpassed real-world experience to prepare them to pursue a career in

directing, performance making and managing.  

Our team members are experts and professionals in the field of performing arts, social science, culture and arts management aiming to give the highest level of excellence in studies, organization of work, research, and creative endeavours.​

NIPAI offers 18-month Diploma programs and certification programs, as well as short term courses and workshop. Its programs provide opportunities for intellectual, practical and experiential knowledge of the performing arts, practical working knowledge of the craft, discipline, the critical thinking it requires, and a deep appreciation for the collaborative art of theatre.

During the studies at any of our directing programs each student will write, direct, perform, produce, and show performances, work with the professionals and more!


Register in any of our world-class programs and get the experience you need to excel in your field.

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We provide an ideal environment to study such fields as Theatre Directing, Movement Directing and Arts Management.

NIPAI runs Diploma highly practical immersive programs focused on rising professionals with concrete skills, which are applied, could be and should be applied in every day of your work.

We inspire New Performing Arts!

Our team members are experts and professionals in the field of performing arts, social science, culture and arts management aiming to give the highest level of excellence in studies, organization of work, research, and creative endeavors.​

We offer dynamic, unique, hands-on Diploma courses for directors, choreographers, movement directors, actors coaches, specialists and students of performing arts practices who feel the need for new approaches to performance making.

We welcome students from around the world to NIPAI!

Be part of international network of students and performing arts practitioners from

over  50 nations!