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Arts Management
Certificate Program


The New Performing Arts Institute one-year Arts Management Program aims to highlight one of the most important positions in arts and culture industry. Students eager to control their own destiny in the business world of performing arts flourish in this intensive hands-on program. It is geared toward students with little or no experience in management and producing, but who recognize that an intensive and demanding program, much like the job of producing itself, will provide them with the knowledge they seek.


Students are treated as managers throughout the duration of the course, and are challenged each step of the way. Students are encouraged but not required to bring a piece of intellectual property — adaptation projects which might consist of: a book of fiction, magazine article, newspaper article, biography, autobiography, or original idea at the beginning of the course which serves as the foundation for their real project. Students take this project through the various stages of development: idea, plan, realization, control and improvement. Students learn the real-word strategies for successful managing  and are encouraged to develop the professional network needed within the industry.

From the first day of class, students are immersed in a hands-on education. Students undergo a thorough class work and distant tasks that lay the groundwork for a professional life. They learn both the creative aspects of management , as well as the more technical, line producing side. All students participate in an intensive sequence of classes, hand-on workshops and distant sessions.

All students pursuing a certificate program at The New International Performing Arts Institute must be proficient in English and earn a bachelor's degree (at a minimum) or an acceptable equivalent. 

Program Duration: 1 year 
InClass Sessions: 4 study weeks
Distant Learning: 30 study weeks
Program Format: Online & InClass Course
Next Intake: April 



The Program challenges students to develop their production abilities artistically and technically. Students are instructed in the craft of pitching ideas to a variety of audiences; presenting industry-standard written proposals in support of the feasibility of their projects and many more.


  • Introduction to the roles, tasks and obstacles faced by managers and producers.

  • Gain understanding of the physical and post production processes.

  • Understand basic principles of entertainment law.


  • studying with a combination of actual and virtual seminars

  • accessibility to knowledge from all over the world



As our students are busy with their professional lives and need flexibility, we offer variable study duration. Students can apply for the Arts Management Course at any time during the year and can start the program with either the practical session or distant tasks and online seminars.


Students who wish to delve deeper into a specific topic can choose to attend an additional practical session from the elective projects that is in line with their interests.


We designed special assessment system for students of NIPAI. It allows students to feel themselves free from conventional examinations. Instead of common grading system we established a score system. After each completed task  student receives points, after certain number of collected points, student moves to the next level and is allowed to proceed to next semester.
This system is specifically designed to avoid subjective assessments by lecturers.

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