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Summer Physical Theatre & Directing Labs at NIPAI

Designed for professionals seeking intensive, practical, new approaches to performance making and creation, this is an immersive, conservatory- and residential-style directing programs.

Summer Directing Labs in NIPAI, multi-disciplinary workshops, allow students to study and practice essential tools of directing with a faculty of accomplished professionals. It is open to professionals who are eager to refresh their knowledge of the basics and essentials of directing, as well as for those who are at the beginning of their directing career, who have staged several performances but still feel a lack of practical tools which will work for them.

Previous training in directing is required.

Who are our workshops for?

Our workshops are open to practicing theatre directors of the Drama Theater, Musical Theater, Physical Theater, Choreographers and Circus Directors, working in various genres, techniques, and styles interested to acquire reliable director's toolkit to create contemporary professional productions.

If you are a practicing director at the start of your career or feel the need to refresh and refill your directing arsenal, and wish to be in one group with other directors, choreographers, and dancers, NIPAI intensives offer a great chance to improve skills, to find new international network opportunities and collaboration.

Share and exchange your ideas with colleagues from different parts of the world, gain new helpful tools and professional tips under the competent guidance of NIPAI experts.

What To Expect?

  • intensive practical/physical and creative training

  • new techniques, tools and approaches

  • practice in multidisciplinary and multicultural groups

  • dynamic, unique, hands-on and professional environment for artistic growth

NIPAI programs aim to equip current and future directors, movement directors, actors coaches, choreographers, actors and dancers with specific working tools and skills which will definitely bring positive results to their careers in the Performing Arts industry.

If you are interested in participation, contact Viktor Kaplan at

What Students Say:

Madison Kesselring (Chicago, USA):

"The workshop was so much better than I anticipated. I was able to open up in new ways, grow as a performer and director, solidify iffy parts of my process, became more articulate in my ideals concerning theatre, and be present. The last notes I took included a more specific list of things—

“I learned...

  • to talk less - not over explain or force feedback during rehearsals

  • to be more present - I have a long way to go...

  • to be more collaborative when I am not the director

  • I now have a toolbox of exercises to use

  • to articulate the “why” & the importance of layering a process and building toward the end result with no clear end—discovery!”

Mike Savuica (Bucharest, Romania):

"As a director, for me, it is important to analyse how Sergei brought us to the openness and mind set where we could achieve that. I want in my work as both a director, and teacher, to be able to offer artists that unique sensation I have been through. That synergy has only made me wonder of all the potential it has on stage, and what strong messages you could send to an audience. An ensemble working as one is something I will always keep in mind for my future projects".

Kory Gunderson (Montana, USA)

"During classes with Ostrenkos, I was usefully provided with a model for a variety of exercises

and their instruction to a) achieve the cultivation of actors’ energy and strength, b) build trust

within a company, c) quickly create a common physical vocabulary within actors of differing

trainings and experiences, and d) provide an accessible experience of the legacy of Vsevolod


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