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In an increasingly interconnected, global world, the New International Performing Arts Institute is committed to nurturing a diverse and international community for students, faculty, and staff. Since last two decades, we are building a community of individuals from over 100 countries and backgrounds who seek to create a better life and a stronger world through the performing arts.

At NIPAI, we’re proud to welcome people from all over the world who are driven to seek out the best educational opportunities possible as they pursue their dreams. We firmly believe in the unifying power of performance making, dance, theatre, movement, storytelling. It is one of the highest values for us the importance of fostering voices from every corner of the globe and every walk of life.

Through a collaboration and mutual support we can create stories, share experience, inspire each other for new achievements and realize all dreams. Collaboration, community and inclusion are at the heart of the performing arts. This is why NIPAI believes that our philosophy of "learning by doing" is especially important when it comes to supporting our diverse and international community. We empower our students learn to work together, exchange ideas, nurture creativity and responsibility. Working together in this way offers our students the opportunity not only to master their craft but also to practice communication, collaboration, respect, problem solving, and professionalism — skills that they will need as they pursue future success in their chosen industries.


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