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NIPAI Physical Theatre Labs 2023

NIPAI offers courses designed for a new generation of directors and innovative leaders: individuals who love the performing arts and are eager to learn by doing their own projects and performances in immersive, hands-on programs. Our programs provide a variety of opportunities to learn directing, offering a dynamic combination of face-to-face classes, distance learning, workshops, and immediate practical application of newly acquired knowledge.

Explore our range of courses covering directing, physical theatre, physical acting, and movement directing programs:

26 - 30 April 2023

Berlin - Germany This international program is suitable for both, - choreographers who work mainly with movement, as well as for directors who work mainly with actors in physical or text-based performances. Performers from different backgrounds interested in expanding their practical skills, develop international network opportunities and collaborators are also welcome to apply!

Early Bird Fee: 640 EUR

Rod Dixon, UK

It was one of my best weeks ever - I have had a lot of weeks so that is saying something. What was amazing was the group dynamic...We were marvelling about how we all came together from all corners of the world and our common interests bonded us within MINUTES. Wow!

participant feedback

Kiran Pavaskar, India

We had enchanting group of people, all coming from different countries, cultures, speaking different languages and still working together. It was so good to exchange ideas, suggestions and skills in between the classes and so good to meet lovely artistic people from all parts of the world. I am glad that I participated in this workshop; it was indeed a very special experience"

Steve Shade, USA

The opportunity to share and debate topics ranging from various aspects on performance, directing and theatre work was a stimulating end to the day’s activities and an informative forum on performance theory and practice in Greece, Portugal, China, Ireland, Singapore, etc.


9-Day Physical Theatre Lab & Conference organized by IUGTE

20 - 29 July 2023Laubegg Castle, Austria

The program includes intensive physical theater workshops, lectures and forums with world-known teachers - Ostrenko Brothers and the program of IUGTE annual International Conference with performing arts academics and practitioners from all around the world! Fill out the application form using the button below and explore physical acting as your primary creative tool.

Early bird fee: 440 EUR

Daisy Badger, UK "If anyone has lost touch with their body - or if you're intrigued by Biomechanics - I would nudge you towards NIPAI & IUGTE. Great week of physical lab and a top notch conference!"

participant feedback

Magdalena Krohn, Poland "Participating in one of Ostrenko workshops will not only give you new skills but will also help you gain a fresh perspective on your practice. ...This has genuinely been one of the best experiences of my life. Recommended!"

Siu Hei Chung, Hong Kong "I learnt how to give clear and brief instructions to actors through the process I was given instructions. Compared with knowledge learnt through words, what I could learn through body was wisdom, which might last longer with a greater effect. As a director, I realized that getting actors involved and experienced somatically was much more effective than intellectual discussions".


7-11 August 2023

Berlin, Germany

The workshop is open to practising directors of the Physical Theater, Drama Theater, Musical Theater, Choreographers and Circus Directors, working in various genres, techniques, and styles, as well as actors and dancers, interested to acquire reliable director's toolkit to create contemporary professional productions.

Early Bird Fee: 540 EUR

Laura Ricard, USA "The structure of the workshop is excellent. The morning warm-up is consistent, the afternoon sessions are demanding and exhilarating and the evening discussions are enlightening and informative. I would highly recommend this workshop to any artist interested in learning about Meyerhold’s Biomechanics, ensemble building, directing, physical scoring and vocal scoring in the rehearsal process and how to implement it in rehearsal"

participant feedback

Valeria Vallone, Italy

"I'll custody with care the fantastic emotions of this magic week and I will keep with me every words, every movements, every things, the fantastic atmosphere with a group of beautiful persons with great souls, the sensation of peace in a nice place in contact with the nature and the Whole! Thanks a lot!"

Sebastian Cummings, Germany "I have always wanted to perform full-time, to be challenged as an artist, to be happy, to be working with wonderful people, everyday of my life. This program was the first experience I have ever had, that showed me, it is truly possible. During this week of training, I lived the life I have always wanted to live. The life of an artist. Surrounded by people with similar goals, work ethic, and spirit. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in this program. My life is forever changed…"


11-13 August 2023

Berlin, Germany

The workshop is open to practising directors of the Physical Theater, Drama Theater, Musical Theater, Choreographers and Circus Directors, working in various genres, techniques, and styles, as well as actors and dancers, interested to acquire reliable director's toolkit to create contemporary professional productions. The in-class session is designed for strong, hardy, disciplined professionals and pre-professionals who are ready to participate from the beginning to the end.

Early Bird Fee: 200 EUR

Donna Maria Banicevich Gera, New Zealand "As I look back on the workshop I realise I’ve taken the first steps in my journey to develop a coherent way of working, and of thinking like a director. I’ve been shown the key to form, style, atmosphere and the emotional palette in contemporary performance. I know now the job of a director is to hold the attention of the spectator ‘always’, and to think about what makes the spectator respond ‘constantly’"

participant feedback

Ines Sampaio, UK "Now, here is a lightbulb moment that alone was worth every single cent I paid for the course – Active verbs as physical action – gives actor a physical target – physicality evokes feelings – remembering the physical action and bumping up the scale to a million percent has an impact on the exterior performance of the actor in a way that is remarkable... ...This exercise evolved as we worked with our monologues – I can really see how this approach of physical target, active verb as action can help elevate a performance without the draining intellectualisation of Stanislavski’s “what do I want, How do I feel? Why?” – will certainly be using it in my work".

Lara Stefansdottir, Iceland

"The harmony in the group was perfect and everyone was ready to get as much as possible out of the workshop by working hard with enthusiasm and joy every day, the whole week...

The working tools / exercises /tasks we got from Sergei Ostrenko were really innovative, exciting and energetic and are helpful in overall creative work. There are endless possibilities to work with them because they awaken the creative energy within in many ways"



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