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Highlights of IUGTE Conference 2019

The IUGTE Conference 2019 has been a huge success and this is all due to the amazing people who've taken part in it and made it an unforgettable experience!

Great shout-out to IUGTE Conference Committee who have selected best presentations of best Speakers from such institutions as the LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore), The University of Arizona (USA), University of Florida (USA), The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (Hong Kong), The West A&M University (USA), the University of Mississippi (USA), the University of South Carolina (USA) and others. We express huge gratitude to the Speakers for their professional, interesting and creative presentations!

Check some of the best moments of IUGTE Conference 2019:

What Was There?

The conference program consisted of the opening night, many interesting workshops, performances, lectures, discussions and final party concluding three days of intensive diving into the exploration!

It included several workshops on R.Laban, M.Chekhov, V. Meyerhold and K. Stanislavsky techniques, performance for camera and TV workshops, traditional performing arts techniques, ballet techniques, dance and composition classes, performances, interactive talks and discussion, great party :)

Read more about each presentation and speaker on IUGTE website

What People Say?

Dante Puleio (University of Florida), USA

I am overjoyed that I had the opportunity to meet and work with a group of performing

artists exploring and creating ways to make what they do based in the root and value of those

who came before them while growing and expanding the possibilities for future generations of

artists to learn and grow from as well.

Krissy Yin Lam (Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts), Hong Kong

"It was a great pleasure to have taken part in the conference, I learned so much from the other presenters and participants and got so much inspiration from them. Thank you very much again for organising this conference. I surely would like to join workshops and activities organised by NIPAI in the future."

Mike Savuica (Unfortunate Thespians), Romania

"Out of all my NIPAI and IUGTE experiences, this one has been my favourite so far. It was an experience beyond words and everything that has happened still seems unreal. I feel honoured and blessed to have been part of such a unique experience. I loved the fact that we had participants form all corners of the world, and yet we all spoke the same language, art. Everyone came to learn, explore, have fun, make friends, and everyone was in a very open mind set looking to absorb as much information as possible. To me it was very beneficial to start with Sergei’s workshop, as after it people were already closer, and knew all the names. Starting with his workshop made us quickly go from participants who were curios to explore, to friends who wanted to have fun and create."

Varvara Pomoni (Shakespeare Frankfurt) Greece / Germany

Overall, it was an overwhelmingly amazing experience that I will always remember and that it was

incredibly helpful for my development and inspired me to continue the work that I am doing and

made me want to learn more and improve.

Carmen Simone Liebscher (La Tanik Circus), Germany

"I felt very comfortable in the group. It was especially nice for me that there were many strong

and interesting women. We come from different countries and cultures, share very similar

experiences in being a woman and find a common language in theatre to exchange ideas,

discuss our social position and strengthen each other professionally. For me the time at Castle Laubegg was absolutely enriching and I would certainly like to come back again."

Hannah Burns (Uffie ), USA

IUGTE has supported my next step in my performing arts development by giving me

practical training in tools I can apply to whatever opportunity I create next. I now have

international professional education and network connections to further strengthen my next

steps in performing arts.

What's Next?

Due to the rapidly worsening situation with regards to Covid-19 in Austria, the latest recommendations by the State and our desire to make the event a safe place, the live meeting of IUGTE Conference (which was planned for 17-21 Dec.2020) was shifted to new dates in summer - 20-29 July 2021 at the same venue - Laubegg Castle.

Also, as a tradition it became to host the International Physical Theatre Lab with Ostrenko Brothers just few days before the conference (20-29 July).

If you wish to consider your participation in these programs, contact Mr. Volk at iugte.projects@gmail.com for more details.

NIPAI is now also looking for the candidates to faculty members, Apply for the Conference as a Speaker to showcase your work, promote yourself to international audience and find new contacts and collaborations! Learn more>

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