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Artists’ Gathering of Year | Conference 2019

This year, performing arts professionals from different countries will gather together in the Austrian castle south from Graz to explore what is Performing Arts today and how Traditional forms of performing art enriches us today.

About Conference

Since 2001, IUGTE Conference "Theatre Between Tradition and Contemporaneity” is being held on an annual basis in different countries of Europe. For the time of its existence, the Conference had brought into contact performing arts professionals from all corners of the world, from USA to China, from Russia to South Africa, from Iceland to Lebanon, from Scandinavian countries to South America, from Australia to Hungary, etc. Without any politics, with appreciating our diversity and valuing our similarities. Similarities in one passion – arts. IUGTE Conference has collected the most unique presentations from performing arts academics and practitioners and archived it for future researchers.

This year's IUGTE Conference will be highly practical! If you wish to get intensive training in Laban & Chekhov techniques, Meyerhold's Theatre Biomechanics, Traditional Singapore dance, Devising Theatre, Traditional and Innovative Ballet, Structural Movement Improvisation, Traditional American Modern Dance, Partnering and Contact Improvisation, Performance for the Camera, Voice Control for TV/Film, Make-up for Film, Dance practices with the ‘Actor to Text’, Shakespeare's classical 4 stories with a new approach.

Featured Speakers:

• Dante Puleio • Leslie E. Williams • Varvara Pomoni • Sara Jones • Pj Escobio • Jim Phetterplace • Sergei Ostrenko • Autumn Eckman • Robbie Cook • Lucy Cashion • Joe Taylor • Shayla Bott • Ashley Ivory Parov • Brenda Critchfield • Virginia Callens Gregg • Zaki Razak • Norisham Osman • Krissy Yin LAM • Jennifer Mizenko • André Megerdichian • Jennifer Deckert • Dustin Whithead •

Dates: 16-20 December 2019

Place: Laubegg Castle Austria


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