August Program 2019 | Theatre and Movement Directing Lab

Theatre and Movement Directing Lab took place on 26-31 August 2019 in Lake Studis Berlin.

Physicality in Acting at NIPAI Berlin

It can be described in three words: fascinating, physical and super-international!

The program included intensive practical training (48 academic hours) and has connected students from Belgium, China, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Syria, UK, Ukraine and USA.

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Here is what students say:

Athanasia-Maria-Christina Christopoulou (Greece)

"I want to say that this was a great seminar that gave me so many things

and so much food for thought. I was very proud with myself in many times and for many

things that I did in that seminar, for example when he did the exercise with the blind

guidance and for running on my toes through the room, kneeling (an exercise of my

drama school in Suzuki that I never managed to do). I loved that beautiful lake, the walks

in the little “island” in the other side, during lunch time. And the most important for me I

met twenty-one great people that I want to meet again and want to work with them on


When the seminar ended in the last drink, when I left (Ι have to mention that every

time something ends, I am so sad and emotional) it was the first time I wasn’t sad instead

I felt complete and full!"

Solange Trak (Lebanon):

“I personally learned a lot specifically in the field of biomechanics, the study of the ‘throwing the stone’ was very thoroug hand the details given to us were very important and how to manage the rhythm. Day by day we discovered the importance of warming up and repeating the movements of the task. At first we didn’t know why were doing it and no one explained but when we reached a certain level and we managed to turn every movement into a beautiful creative scene we understood at the end what wewere doing and why we were doing it.I also enjoyed having to learn about Russian theatre traditions from ourteachers and their point of you regarding acting and directing a play.The cultural exchange between everyone in that workshop (teachers,students) was very interesting and we learned a lot about the differences andthe similarities in the theatre field between different countries and how mostof deal with the same problems sometimes.

Lara Ekar (Slovenia)

And this is exactly what I found in this workshop. As well I found many new questions, answers, many different views from other people and many new knowledge from all, especially from Ostrenko brothers, who gave to me many new things from understanding the movement to the putting text to moves and also how to make movement full of qualities..

You are welcome to join next sessions.

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