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The Director and Play

Flexible Timing

Study in Practice



From Beginner to Pro


There are only a few programs in the world that will teach you how to make a deep active analysis of the play which will give you the necessary tools for further work with performers

This course is aiming to show you how to analyze the play, work with the text of the play, research a historical and theoretical context of the play and immerse into the material in order to minimize risks and damages to the relationship between the director, author, and text. You will be acquainted with the methods of the director’s preparation before the first meeting with actors. This short course, taking particular plays as its subject, encourages you to analyze a play text through the given tasks. In addition, students are asked to undertake special practical exercises and theoretical readings. 


  • Play Analysis

  • Active Analysis

  • Storytelling / Retelling 

  • Dramatic Structure

  • Basic blocks of story - structure, character, dialog, etc

  • Units and objectives analysis to build a character’s through-line


  • Gain a firm understanding of the conception of the play analysis and the role of historical context

  • Work through real-life scenarios and case studies to develop your skills

  • Construct a relationship between the director, author, and text

Format: Each week students receive distant tasks, assignments, cases for self-studies which gradually lead them to understanding of the topic and ability to apply knowledge to the projects.

Level: Professional.

Studies Duration: 3-Month

Language: English

Certificate: Upon completing all assignments, students can receive a Certificate.

Upon successful completion of all tasks, students can receive a Certificate of Completion.

Next Program Start:
September 2023
October 2023

Program Duration: 3 months 

Program Format: Online

Language: English

Certificate: Available 



This is a unique and renowned course designed specifically for those who are already practicing and feel a need for specific knowledge. The program enables you to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, tools in the specific field of theatre directing so that you could apply it immediately and reach your results 


  • gaining access to up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge

  • obtaining knowledge of a wide range of directing methodologies and practices 

  • high-class faculty and guidance 


  • studying online alongside the work 

  • accessibility to knowledge from all over the world

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