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Arts Management

Next Intake: April 2024 & September 2024

No other position has more to do with the creative, technical, and financial aspects of arts making than the manager. They work hand in hand with artistic directors, companies, sponsors and different networks. They develop the material, hire the writers, and find the buyers and financiers. They oversee performance development, castings, hiring of the crew, locations, distribution, festivals, and so much more. Ultimately, the arts manager, who is producer too, is the most involved with a project through every phase (from pre-production to production and post-production).

What is the role of Art management? Why is it needed?

Museums, art galleries, theatres and opera houses are all institutions. As such, they are legal entities that must meet legal, economic, and organizational requirements in order to exist and function in society. Arts Management's mission is to help both for-profit and non-profit arts institutions meet these requirements. 


Additionally, art institutions often face budgetary and technical constraints. For example, every arts institution must be economically viable, manage its staff, and raise funds. Therefore, there is a need for management.

Two forms  of studying

Distance Course

Study on your own schedule

Flexible schedule

Set flexible deadlines for assignments


All teams need leaders, and the producer is this leader. If you love Theatre, Dance and Performance Art with a tremendous passion, then learning how to be an arts manager at NIPAI is where your career begins. Manager is more than just "person who search money", but he or she occupies the most important position on any project. From the very beginning to the very end, the producer commands the show, from the art manager depends the success of the show. Nothing can happen without this position.


You will be able to develop projects, campaigns, work side-by-side with whole crew, learn technical skills, oversee productions while learning more and more as you progress through a series of challenging tasks. All of this is paired with expert classroom and distant instruction from our experienced industry professionals.

The key learning objectives of the program focuses on theoretical and practical tasks to help students explore:

  • how to organize international art events, productions, meetings, festivals, exhibitions, ;

  • how to establish contacts and work productively with team, with colleagues, possible partners and stakeholders;

  • what should manager know about art, creative industry and its legal aspects;

  • pre-production, production and postproduction of performance, show etc

​Current research areas include producing; fundraising; stage management; cultural policy and theory; leadership; public relations; art marketing; arts education; strategic planning; professional and managerial practice.



  • Strategic, tactical and operational planing

  • Leadership and communication in the Performing Arts sector

  • Work on the Project

Each semester offers a variety of new tasks and projects for you to command. Unlike other arts management programs at universities, NIPAI also offers you collaboration opportunities with NIPAI directing course students on their performance production projects throughout the whole semester at the assigned organization. So, in the end, you graduate having completed production project that you have produced, managed and supervised.

Through a combination of lectures,  practical tasks and Study Project, students will become familiar with the different roles, tasks, and obstacles that arts managers encounter and learn how to manage them. The program aims to hone students managerial and communicative skills. Students obtain a working knowledge of finance, marketing, and distribution strategies while analyzing media trends in the industry. 


  • Professional growth

  • Up-to-date knowledge

  • First hand experience

  • Individual approach

  • Emphasis on practical learning

  • Unique method

We are proud of our students from all around the world!

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