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3-Week Movement Directing Course


The Three-Week Movement Directing Workshop allows students to participate in a workshop that demands full immersion into learning of movement directing and coaching as students will assist the movement director at a theatre organization. Students who find the training beneficial are encouraged to join the second half of the Six-Week Movement Directing Workshop, intensifying their studies and gaining more experience in movement direction. Many of our Three-Week students have gone on to enroll in our popular 18-month Movement Directing Diploma Course.

The Three-Week Movement Directing Workshop provides students with a thorough foundation of understanding the work of the movement director during the performance production. The workshop is designed as a lab with practical sessions, independent tasks, lectures and discussion forums. Directors participate in all sessions together with other participants and work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural context.

Students will have a chance to learn the skills needed for professional movement director and teacher, research how movement practice is taught and how to actors and performers best integrate movement processes.

Before the workshop, students may receive series of distant tasks.

Please, note, that group is formed on a competitive basis.

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