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Updates for NIPAI's 2023 Programs and Tuition Fees

Dearest Colleagues,

May this blog-post find you amidst the blooming of inspiration and the embrace of endless possibilities. It is with utmost gratitude that we extend our sincerest appreciation to each one of you for entrusting us with your artistic aspirations. Together, we have built a global family of over 4000 students, united by our unwavering passion for the performing arts. Today, as we reflect on the magnificent journey of NIPAI over the past 23 years, we stand humbled by the extraordinary talent that has graced our halls.

In our quest to empower professionals in the performing arts, we have crafted a tapestry of courses that breathe life into their creative endeavors. From conquering the challenge of staging a performance in fleeting rehearsal moments, to forging harmonious ensembles from unfamiliar souls, we illuminate the path of choreographic brilliance and delve into the profound analysis of the theatrical experience. With each intake, we elevate our 18-month Diploma, 12-month Certification, and 3-month courses, tailored to fulfill the aspirations of our diverse performing arts body. Recognizing the varied needs of our cherished students, we have heeded your call and crafted a unique blend of mixed and distance learning formats. Responding to your requests, we introduced 6-week distance courses in April, unveiling the secrets of choreography in performance, the art of swiftly knitting ensembles, and the depths of insightful play analysis. As we stride towards progress, we have diligently updated our curriculum for all intakes starting from April 2023.

In the face of a rapidly changing world, we remain steadfast in our commitment to providing an unparalleled educational experience. For over five years, we have maintained our tuition fees, shielding our beloved community from the tides of uncertainty. However, the economic repercussions of the 2022 crisis have cast a shadow upon our cherished endeavors. Yet, we firmly believe that as artists, we have chosen a path imbued with purpose, forging lives that kindle transformative change. In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, we are compelled to make a difficult decision. To ensure the continued growth and nurturing of artistic talents, we regrettably find ourselves compelled to raise the cost of education for all our programs, from workshops to diploma courses, by an average of 15%. Yet, dear friends, we stand determined to preserve the spirit of inclusivity that beats at the core of NIPAI's ethos. Therefore, we are honored to announce that the existing tuition fees shall remain unchanged for ALL PROGRAMS during registration until July 1, 2023. Seize this opportunity, for it shall be the final take with such favorable conditions. Rest assured, the quality of our teaching and the richness of our programs shall only be enhanced, as we continually infuse practical wisdom into every facet of our syllabi. Allow us to humbly remind you that we are here, ever eager to answer your questions, soothe your concerns, and guide you through your artistic odyssey. The bonds we forge with each student transcend the classroom, creating a lifelong connection that nurtures and uplifts. For us, learning is not an abstract concept but an immersive experience, harmonizing theory and practice, igniting the fire within. To discover more about the captivating programs we offer in 2023, we invite you to embark upon a journey of curiosity through the following enchanted links: Theatre Directing Courses Distance Courses (3-Month & 6-Week) International Workshops As we draw near the end of this missive, our hearts overflow with gratitude for the privilege of being part of your creative voyage. Together, let us revel in the boundless power of artistry, weaving vibrant emotions and stories that transcend the boundaries of time.

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