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Theatre Directing


Review of the Theatre Directing Program

Become a director by performing, experimenting, learning and creating performances and shows. At the NIPAI, students learn from day one through hands-on experience. 

Director is the person who is responsible for everything in the performance, who works with performers, composers, stage designers, costume designers, choreographers and other members of professional crew. Our teachers will demystify the craft of directing, and challenge you to master the art of performance making! Become professional director through immersion into the performing arts and exploration of all aspects of professional work.

In the creation of every program, we worked with students and faculty from around the world. We adapted the best ideas and elements from top university directing programs and designed an alternative which provides a thorough grounding in performance making, and is also flexible in meeting the diverse needs of our students.

We give an opportunity to learn directing through a variety of options, through a dynamic blend of InClass sessions, distant learning, workshops, and immediate application of gained knowledge. Students work on their projects from the very first day of their classes and will learn and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that face directors. In addition to writing, analyzing plays, directing, and working with performers, students are constantly involved in multidisciplinary interactions. At our special Diploma Programs, students graduate after completing their main project - graduation performance which is developed under thorough guidance of our best faculty members and mentors. Ultimately, through intensive hands-on guidance and immediate application, our goal is to empower students to make their work on performances interesting, to make actors and crew work on performances interesting and make audience enjoy the show!

Students interested in enrolling in Theatre Directing programs or workshops at the NIPAI can do so year-round as NIPAI offers rolling admissions. 


NIPAI offers this immersive program to provide students with a comprehensive education in theatre directing with real-life experience.

18-month Theatre Directing Course

18-month Theatre Directing Course Online


NIPAI's offers 1-Year Theatre Directing Program for those students who wish to study theatre directing and gain experience necessary to make their own performances. 

One-Year Theatre Directing Course

One-Year Theatre Directing Course Online


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At NIPAI, students of the online courses experience a transformative journey as they explore particular stages of theatre director's in preparation for production, and learn how to convert their ideas into reality from the very first day of the course.

3-Month Online Course


During the whole program of the 18-month Theater Directing Diploma Course, students learn how to make professional performance and shows. At the last semester of the program, students work on their Graduation Performance which shall be produced in theatre organization or with a theatre group. Each student, upon successful completion of the program, receives NIPAI Diploma.



The New International Performing Arts Institute is one of the top institution specializing in theatre directing education, due in large part to its faculty of accomplished and working professionals who each come from unique backgrounds and experiences to help provide each student with as well-rounded of knowledge and skills as possible. Students enrolling at the NIPAI theatre directing programs will likely study under some, if not all, of the following faculty members.


Another wonderful aspect of NIPAI programs is the multiculturality of our students. The NIPAI draws an incredibly diverse, international groups of students who share a passion for telling, creating and sharing stories. Recent programs included students from the USA, Canada, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, India, Israel, Russia, Japan, and China.

Working on student projects alongside peers from different countries and cultures is excellent training for the innovative, new, multidimensional approach to performance making, and also offers our students personal opportunities to learn more about new stories and cultures.


The combination of non-stop collaborative work, blended education, diverse cultures and experiences, and a shared passion for performing arts and theater, make our programs enriching experiences. Students often say that the NIPAI's programs, workshops are the most exciting, full of discoveries and rewarding creative experience they have ever had.

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