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Fundraising Basics for Education and Projects

Whenever you want to do any fundraising, the first step is to figure out how much money you need.  The number does not need to be exact, but you need to make your best guess. One way to come up with the budget is to take some time to imagine the event in as much detail as you can, and then make a list of the things you will need. Do you need to hire some people? Do you need to rent a space? Do you need supplies? Equipment? Insurance?

Start by making a careful list of what you need, and then try to estimate the cost for each item on the list.  Many grant application forms include a budget page, and sometimes it is helpful to look at one of those pages to see if there are any expense categories that you have missed.

Tip: Funding is more likely to come in small amounts and from a number of sponsors, than from one sponsor.

Some students attending NIPAI are sponsored by their employers. Others obtain sponsorship from companies, government agencies or international organizations, educational foundations, etc. Some financial organizations offer loans at low-interest rates to promising young professionals. Applicants are encouraged to investigate all possibilities available to them.

Charitable foundations are an often-untapped source of funding for postgraduate students.

Look in your local library at the Educational Grants Directory, Charities Digest, Grants Register and Directory of Grant Making Trusts. Small awards are sometimes available to fund trips to conferences or archives or libraries, so keep your eye out for these.

Employer sponsorship or a part-time job.

If you work, your employer might sponsor you to take a part-time postgraduate course especially if the qualification will help you to progress at work. You should ask your employer whether this is an option or whether you could take flexible study leave or flexible working arrangements.

Professional and Career Development Loans

Professional and Career Development Loans from the government can be used for courses or training that help you with your career.

Graduate teaching and research assistants

Some postgraduates students get jobs as graduate teaching or research assistants to help fund their courses. This can involve a lot of work – marking essays, giving lectures and taking seminars – and the pay is hourly. But it does enable postgraduates to get valuable teaching experience.

These jobs can be intensely sought after, so do fill in your application forms carefully with no spelling mistakes and explain how your experience equips you for the job.

Fundraising events organization

Organization of community events may serve as a source for raising some funds. It can be an organization of charitable concerts, performances, shows open for public and even small house parties. By inviting your community to participate in your fundraising event, you are contributing not only to your own journey but also to the community building in general.

Celebrity Endorsements

If you can get any kind of celebrity or well-known person in your community to endorse your cause or make a gift, that can give you credibility and help you persuade others to give. The difficulty is that most celebrities are approached constantly. Someone who worked for the television comedian Bill Cosby told me that his office gets 100 solicitation letters every day. Unless you have some personal connection, it can be frustrating to pursue the stars. It never hurts to ask, but keep in mind that they are probably long shots. You will do better with people in your own community whom you can meet face to face.

Fundraising / Crowdfunding Platforms

Thanks to the social web, each of us have the unprecedented ability to reach audience worldwide for monetary support. Here are some of the best fundraising platforms and online crowds to help you grow professionally and bring some social good to your community and society: GoFundMe, INDIEGOGO, KickStarter, FUNDLY, JustGiving, HoneyFund.

If you want to raise money for an art project directly from your fans and supporters using the internet, crowdfunding is a great option.

In the next article, we will look more closely at the crowdfunding and success stories. Subscribe not to miss it!


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