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Recap of NIPAI workshop in Berlin (July 2019). Physicality in Acting

“Physicality in Acting” workshop took place on 9-14th July at the Lake Studios in Berlin, Germany.

Physicality in Acting at NIPAI Berlin

It can be described in three words: fascinating, physical and super-international!

The program included intensive practical training (48 academic hours) and has connected students from Belgium, China, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland, Syria, UK, Ukraine and USA.

Some Photos

Here is what students say:

Zhengmin Ye (China)

It was the first time for me to go to a non-English speaking country alone to attend a workshop, of course before departure I was a little bit nervous. But when I arrived the Lake studio, when I saw Veronika, Sergei and Gennadiy again after half a year, I was so excited and happy that I thought everything would go smooth, and it did! They warmly welcomed me like old friends. Not only did I learn a lot about physicality in acting, but also, I made new friends from all over the world. That was one of the most amazing and fabulous experience to me.

Anna Demidova (Russia):

“GREAT RANGE AND VARIETY OF TOOLS to communicate, interact and collaborate with my actors that I was offered by Sergey and Gennady Ostrenko. This workshop is like a box of treasures for me. Now I have not only a wide range of exercises that I can apply in my practice, but the whole approach that I can use to create and build my own exercises. The other fact that I find absolutely amazing is the following. New approaches and knowledge that I was offered by Ostrenko brothers never conflicted my former approach or knowledge that I had before. On the contrary, “Ostrenko method” complimented my previous experience.

Matthew Buffalo (USA)

I had delved a little into Michael Chekhov’s work and had read about Meyerhold’s Biomechanics. However, I did not have any experience with it. My original goal for taking this course was to gain a deeper working knowledge of these movement theories. Instead, what I gained was something much more applicable than simply understanding theories. I learned how to physicalize an action. How to bring even more clarity and specificity into my movement. And most importantly, how to be mindful while still following impulses. The atmosphere created by the Ostrenko Brothers, along with their desire to tailor the workshop to fit each of our needs, was greatly appreciated.

Next “Physicality in Acting” session will happen in January 2020.

Feel free to contact us for registration guidelines.


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