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Hands-On Online Learning at NIPAI


New International Performing Arts Institute opens enrollment for various of our online courses, from short courses to a full diploma programs which can be accessed from around the world! Our mission is to work as a transfer between the abstract knowledge of a student, and the real skills of a professional.

Learn-by-doing philosophy online

At New International Performing Arts Institute, students of the online courses experience a transformative journey as they explore unexamined nuances of everyday life of theatre director's in preparation for production, and learn how to convert their ideas into reality from the very first day of the course. Our directing long-term programs, diploma programs, online courses and short-term courses bring to life the knowledge and technical skills needed for our students to evolve and grow.

The NIPAI's Online Courses allow students to learn first-hand from industry professionals - online - from their own home. Each 3-months course is structured to deliver intensely focused and challenging lessons that can be taken sequentially to follow the natural arc of project development, or a la carte to fulfill the exact needs of each student's current goals. Combining NIPAI's philosophy of learn-by-doing with convenience of technology, our online courses for theatre and movement directors offer flexibility for students to significantly improve their understanding of the art of directing.

What’s so special?

Participants extend their professional expertise through a balanced combination of academic, practical cases, tasks, interactive sessions, assignments, reading and many more. Offering impressive learning flexibility, NIPAI programs are ideal for ambitious professionals who, cannot attend campus and are looking for a professional education.

  • Flexible. Students study where and when they choose to fit in with jobs, families and other commitments

  • Inclusive. Students get straight to the knowledge they need as professionals

  • Supportive. Interactions with tutors, peers and specialist advisers are on hand to help with all aspects of study

  • Access. Students get accessibility to knowledge from all over the world

Get Access to one of the highest quality courses in terms of knowledge transfer to practice!


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