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An Unforgettable Summer with the New International Performing Arts Institute

Let's remember the great times we had with the New International Performing Arts Institute (NIPAI) in the summer. We did fun workshops and learned a lot at the conference. It was a time of friendship and exploring the world of performing arts.

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International Physical Theatre Lab and IUGTE Conference 2023:

We started off with the NIPAI Lab and IUGTE Conference. A gathering of creative souls and theater enthusiasts from around the world, we explored the history, current trends, and the promising future of physical theatre.

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International Physical Theatre Workshop "Dramaturgy of Physical Action":

This was more than just a workshop. We ventured deep into the essence of drama, discovering how simple gestures or poses can convey powerful stories.

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International Physical Theatre Workshop "Physical Action in Performance Making":

After our summer, this workshop showed how important body movements are in performances. Everyone was excited, and artists left feeling more passionate about their work.

This summer with NIPAI was more than just lessons and workshops. It was a celebration of the magic of theater. Artists from different corners of the world came together, bonding over their love for the arts. And while summer may be ending, the inspiration we've kindled will surely keep burning bright.

To our amazing community, your energy and passion have made this journey unforgettable. Summer days may be behind us, but our excitement for physical theatre keeps growing!

Up Next: Winter Seminars with NIPAI in Berlin!

Gear up for Berlin's chilly season with an array of exciting masterclasses:

physicality in acting nipai berlin

Masterclass: "Physicality in Acting"

8-12 January 2024: Learn to use your body to convey stories, making every movement count.

theatre biomechanics nipai berlin

Masterclass: "Theatre Biomechanics":

8-11 January 2024: Dive into the science of movement and learn how it can enhance theatrical performances.

physical action in performance making nipai berlin

Masterclass: "Physical Action in Performance Making 2.0":

12-14 January 2024: Take your stage presence to new heights.

Berlin, rich in history and culture, is ready for you. Our workshops will be able to offer fresh insights into physical theatre. So, bundle up and get ready for a winter full of learning and fun! Book your place now and keep the artistic journey going. Let's create memorable winter moments together!


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