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Closing the Year of 2019 and meeting 2020!


What has been done?

New Theatre Directing Programs

New Movement Directing Programs

New Venue in Germany and Austria


Over 20 New Teachers

Over 200 New Students

5 New Organization-Partners

The success of Our Students

"Daddy Dear" - Performance based on the play written by Mike Savuica, directed by Anna Demidova, performed by Mike Savuica. Student of 18-month Diploma Directing Program.

"Puffing Bodies" - Performance by Maya Dance Theatre in collaboration with IPTanz, supported by ASEF. Students of "Movement Directing and Teaching Lab" - Kavitha Krishnan and Eva Tey.

"Uncle Vanya" - Performance directed by Anna Demidova. Student of "Physicality in Acting" and "Movement Directing and Teaching Lab".

Sessions for 2020

Lake Studios Berlin - Germany

9 - 14 January

9 - 14 April

1 - 6 July

Trebnitz Residency near Berlin

20 - 26 August

Laubegg Castle - Austria

24 - 31 January

24 - 30 April

24 - 30 July

Dance Academy near Rome - Italy

13 - 19 July

The registration for the sessions is open.

Moreover, you can start the Certificate or the Diploma program with any session.

We are happy to help our students to make their dreams come true!

We are honored to work with so many professionals and talented people!

We are grateful to our students, teachers and staff

for making every day bright and worthy of the efforts!

Happy New Year!

With best wishes,



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