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Celebrate World Theatre Day with Your Vote!

The New International Performing Arts Institute (NIPAI) is thrilled to announce the start of the voting Performing Arts Competition, held in celebration of World Theatre Day.

Voting Period: March 20th to March 26th

Winner Announcement: March 27th

How to Vote:

  • Below are videos of the participants' applications, which you can view and vote for each of the participants in the competition.

№1. Julina Hill aka Mystique Taylor


№2 Holly Emmett Actress

№3 Ashton Carter


№4 Alma Andreescu

Romanian Writer/ Theatre Director

№5 Xenia Podlesnova


№6 Ada Ivanova


№7 Ruji Asar

Actor / Director / Acting Coach

№8 Jorge Schultz


Actor - Sandra Ortiz de Rozas

Cameraman - Carlos Wedeles

Text - Cooking recipe from the play Sabor By Jorge Schultz

№9 Linus Jansner


Encourage your friends and family to participate by sharing the voting link. Your support amplifies the reach of these talented artists and brings the theatre community closer together.

Here you can vote for the competition participant:

  • 0%№1. Julina Hill aka Mystique Taylor

  • 0%№2 Holly Emmett

  • 0%№3 Ashton Carter

  • 0%№4 Alma Andreescu

Join us back on March 27th as we announce the winners who have captured the hearts and admiration of the public and the theatre community.

Let's come together to support these artists and make this year's World Theatre Day one to remember. Cast your vote, share the excitement, and stay tuned for the announcement of the winners.

With anticipation and appreciation,

The New International Performing Arts Institute


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