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My Journey To The Circus (by Lara Even)

It all happened overnight. I do not know whta it was. I wished upon a star for a prince to come take my hand and bring me far and I found myself chasing after a clown only to then yet again find myself with a friend whispering in my ear to check this tent out. In a city called of magic there was music and loud whispers in my head and no subtlty nor a safe ground. I went out one day to explore the concrete and told a man, with ears, who waits that I was researching and have been for a long time. I was instantly invited into a journey to further indulge my capacities and months later I found myself in a void called space swinging through the airs not dancing nor singing but only being with the lightness of my body. It was a pirate ship and a bell that caught my wind and like an enchanted tale I found myself speaking tunes that brought me into the sea. A siren calling my name the mermaid who has yet to speak.

This is how my journey to the circus begins; playing a well known game called the daisy and its petals that count whether one is or loved.

I would tell more but to introduce myself I shall keep it all in one word. It was merely destiny.

(c) Lara Even

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