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Merging Theory with Practice: are you Observer or Creator?

NIPAI is the place where new professional creative leaders raise up... Be part of a new generation of creative and professional thinkers!

At NIPAI, we strive to create a unique educational process and special community where all members are treated with respect. By celebrating and respecting our different cultures, abilities and identities we aim to shape a better future and raise up the awareness of professionalism in arts.

Excellence requires education, training, diversity, which brings knowledge, innovations, new approaches and skills.

Our Philosophy "Learn-by-Doing"

At our programs, whether it is 18-month diploma program or a one-week workshop, you will get a maximum from our professional faculty experts.

​You will develop skills in areas such as directing, performing, playwriting as well as carrying independent productions under the guidance of the mentor experts. Working alongside industry professionals, you are offered an unparalleled breadth of experience, tailored to your developing aspirations.

Our Differences enrich us

The NIPAI draws an incredibly diverse, international groups of students who share a passion for telling, creating and sharing stories. We have already connected artists from over 50 countries!

Programs at NIPAI

Theatre Directing 18-month Diploma Program

Movement Directing 18-month Diploma Program

Theatre Directing 12-month Certificate Program

Movement Directing 12-month Certificate Program

Short Courses at NIPAI

Whether you are beginning your directing journey, preparing to progress to a higher education level, or just looking to improve your directing skills, these practical short-courses will develop a broad directing vocabulary, providing the ideal springboard to further training and will open-up a whole diversity of approaches to professional performance making.

Most courses at NIPAI prepare students for a higher education qualification and professional practice: knowledge and analysis are integrated with practical skills training, so that graduates will be informed by insight and reflection.

NIPAI is committed to offering opportunities to applicants from varied educational backgrounds who can demonstrate their motivation and professional interest to study, to benefit from that study and to succeed. The selection process considers not only educational qualifications, but also evidence of aptitude and motivation. NIPAI values learning from prior experience and particularly welcomes mature students who return to formal study.

NIPAI accepts applications year-round, however, many courses become full very quickly. When a course becomes full and is no longer accepting applications, this will be stated on the individual course page.

Wish to find out more about studies at NIPAI? Visit:


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