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Liga Karklina

Visual Design, Storyboard

Liga Karklina is a creative visual artist with an eclectic range of work, including comic illustration, photography and video making with a never-ceasing interest in theatre and dance.

After completing studies in Multimedia Design and Communication, and Digital Concept Development at KEA - Københavns Erhvervsakademi, she applied her academic skills into visual storytelling by means of short webcomics, creative photography and videography.

Combining her highly-professional skills of visual artist and significant experience in the performing arts field, she designed a special program for directors interested in developing their understanding of the importance of visual storytelling.

She has over ten years experience in performing arts - two of which were intensely learning contemporary arts and techniques in Ostrenko Lab in Riga, which provided Liga with first-hand experience that serves here even now as a key platform for her current creative practices and constant artistic development.

She has collaborated extensively with the leading artists in Latvia and Denmark in the fields of visual and performing arts. She will share the best practices for directors to help them better work on the design vision of their performances.

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