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We are glad to welcome you back to the 2022-2023 InClass programs at NIPAI! For updates on NIPAI’s response to Covid-19 and our plans read more >

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NIPAI provides special educational programs, equipping current and future directors, movement directors, actors coaches, choreographers, arts managers and creative leaders with special knowledge and skills necessary to bring positive results in their careers and in the modern Performing Arts industry. 

Our courses are designed specifically for artists and creative people who have already completed a full-time training course but have realized that they are not adequately prepared to compete for work opportunities within the industry. Our courses in the field of Theatre Directing, Movement Directing and Arts Management are suitable for those who wish to develop their artistic career and have specific knowledge, tools and skills to create professional theatre/dance/circus productions within different circumstances but with a valuable result.

During the study each student directs, performs, experiments, creates and works on their performances!

 New International Performing Arts Institute teaches concrete skills in Directing, Teaching and Managing that are actually applied, can and should be applied in every day of professional work!

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Master the whole Profession

Become Specialist in your Field

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Learn Particular Skill

Learn More in Less Time

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We provide an ideal environment to study such fields such as Theatre Directing,  Movement Directing  and Arts Management.

NIPAI runs highly practical immersive programs, focused on raising professionals with concrete skills needed for professional work. We offer dynamic, unique, hands-on courses for directors, choreographers, movement directors, actors coaches, specialists and students of performing arts practices who feel the need for new approaches to performance making.

We inspire New Performing Arts!