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Study Project


The core principle of every academic program at NIPAI is the Knowledge Applicability Concept, which refers to projects taken on by each student that integrate knowledge and skills gained throughout the study program.


The process of undertaking a practical project, together with theoretical studies greatly enhances our students’ development into professional artistic directors, as they learn to apply their new knowledge and skills to real cases on the daily basis.

In real life the professionals have to work and collaborate in a team of specialists and other essential professional collaborators, including actors, playwrights, designers, producers and managers. This means the ability to establish effective relationships with all colleagues involved in production is essential. 

Students of the NIPAI Diploma courses are distinguished by their professional skills, to prove it, students should produce their final Study projects independently with the support of our institution and with help of study project mentor. Student receives Diploma only after the defense of the Study project. This gives students necessary professional skills, because NIPAI raises creative leaders, - director should always combine not only artistic skills, but also management skills too to bring his/her ideas to life.

For students of Theatre Directing and Movement Directing Diploma courses the study project is a graduation performance, and for students of Arts Management Diploma Course the study project is a production project.  

Theoretical and practical knowledge gained through seminars, sessions, self-study and web-based training will give an understanding of main principles and processes of professional work. 

The development of skills, on the other hand, is ensured through strong practically oriented teaching methods such as case studies and practical tasks that will result in a successful, independently developed Study Project that will show your competence and professionalism.

Graduates of NIPAI are distinguished by their professional skills and abilities.


Successful study project should:

  • represent a professionalism of graduates;

  • be a complete, result-oriented project which has benefit for the student

  • be aligned with the study direction of the student

  • be conducted at theatre / dance / performing arts organization 

  • be documented throughout the study duration

  • have a specific requirement



Project phases consist of:

  • defining the title, concept and format of the Study Project 

  • development of the Study Project 

  • fulfilling project documentation

  • work on the Study Project 

  • defense of the Study Project 

Project supervision (coaching) is given by the assigned project tutor from the NIPAI and, if possible, from the organization where the study project is implemented.

Study Project refers exclusively to students of NIPAI Diploma Courses.