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The New International Performing Arts Institute aims to give a professional education and to rise professionals in the field of performing arts.


NIPAI provides fascinating and inspiring encounters of artists from diverse artistic backgrounds and techniques; it creates the platform for exchange, network and collaboration in multicultural environment that encourages students to search for the universal “intercultural” language in contemporary performance making. 

With students participating from different nationalities, age and gender groups, educational and professional backgrounds, NIPAI courses are offering a diverse and multicultural experience.  

Thanks to a flexible structure, students are able to attend the course from all over the world. Our program has been welcoming students, some of whom are now graduates, from over 50 nationalities.


We welcome students from around the world to NIPAI!

Be part of international network of students and performing arts practitioners from over 50 nations

Be part of the "new" international performing arts creators network!


"..The group was truly awesome, incredibly diverse, patient, supportive, engaging, and engaged throughout the workshop. There was diversity in disciplines and nationalities. We all  learned so much from each other."

Madison Kesselring, USA

"The program was an eyes-openning experience, I have gained new ideas about performance
and how to create it, how to view it and how to internalize movement and text and followingly express this perception outside to the audience."

Fischerová Ellen, Switzerland

"Overall, once again, it was an incredible experience for the mind, the soul, the body and it filled me
with the energy and inspiration to work hard on the craft, stay focused and disciplined. These times"

Varvara Pomoni, Greece

After experiencing this workshop I know that the possibilities of teaching and coaching a person to grow and understand their potential in movement is endless. I have learned that just with simple tools, one can make a player grasp the understanding of their body and achieve externally and internally a feeling of space, time and rhythm through movement.


Luches J. Huddleston, jr., USA / Germany

"...thank you for giving me the opportunity to put on Daddy Dear. Thank you for allowing me to meet people as passionate as me form every corner of the world. Thank you for showing me various techniques from all around the world. Thank you for creating a safe, healthy,
open environment to let us have fun and explore. Thank you for creating such conferences, labs, and
workshops and bringing together artist form all over the world.


Mike Savuica, Romania

"I appreciate the process of the whole workshop, which was strictly planned and complex. We went through it step by step."


Ilona Gumowska, Poland

"You changed my entire approach to acting and directing that my students and I will treasure forever. 

It's wonderful to see that you continue to spread your technique to theatre artists from around the world."

Lorna Strand, USA

"I would definitely use this work with actors, in both developing an ensemble energy, trust and dynamic and also ongoing throughout rehearsals to develop sense awareness and physical presence".


Michelle Miall, Australia

Indeed, this experience is one of the greatest rewards in my life...If I had not decided to come, I cannot imagine how many years it would have taken me to witness such things and to have already so many connections with theater artists around the world".

Sasapin Siriwanij, Thailand

"We had enchanting group of people, all coming from different countries, cultures, speaking different languages and still working together. It was so good to exchange ideas, suggestions and skills in between the classes and so good to meet lovely artistic people from all parts of the world. It was indeed a very special experience"

Kiran Pavaskar, India