NIPAI Residency in August

What you should know before applying to our international workshop in the residency of Trebnitz Castle in Germany?

This program is designed for professional choreographers, directors of the physical theater, drama, musical theater, circus, and performers working in various genres, techniques, and styles, who are interested to get a hands-on experience and practical toolkit for performance making, ensemble building, rehearsing and training, even in lights of the Covid-19 consequences!

The workshop is highly recommended to directors interested in learning about ensemble building, directing, structuring the rehearsal process, clarifying and honing what already is know and getting to know new techniques and methodologies, and ultimately, to build new contacts with practitioners from different countries and establish future creative partnerships with like-minded people.

The program venue is a 13th-century castle 50 km from Berlin surrounded by over 60 acres of the natural park!

Special Conditions and Scholarships:

We understand the current situation in the world, and we take actions to make the access to education easier. That is why we suggest:

If you are outside of the EU:

You are welcome to send in your application for consideration, as the groups are formed on a competitive basis. And, when or if it will be accepted, you would have to transfer only a deposit in the amount of 150 EUR just to reserve a spot in the group for yourself, and the remaining amount of the fee can be paid upon arrival to the program venue. This deposit is non-refundable, however, it will remain your deposit for any future NIPAI gathering and programs, in case you would not be able to come.

If you are from the EU:

ArtUniverse Agency announced partial scholarships for students interested in attending the NIPAI program in August! The scholarship is considered individually and may cover up to 50% of the tuition fee. The travel and accommodation shall be covered by participants themselves.

The deadline for the scholarship application is 7th August.

To apply for the scholarship, visit:

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