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How Was It at NIPAI Residency 2021?

Special Three-Week Physical Theatre Intensive Residency designed for dancers, physical theatre actors, circus performers, musical theatre performers, performance artists from around the globe took place this year in a small Hungarian town, called Csurgo on 7-20 June 2021.

These are the students of #NIPAIresidency: Mario, Andrea, Lexie, Charlene, Anna, Jim, Paolo!

They spent 3-Weeks at NIPAI residency in Hungary learning physical theatre and had only two days off ⁣

During these intense 3 Weeks, they:

  • created short etudes and scenes

  • learned various approaches to work with text

  • experienced method of Physical Actions on stage

  • learned about Mise-en-scène and Composition on the stage

  • developed their Physicality in Acting and found their own new approaches to acting

  • and in the end, created a performance and showed it to the local audience and it's fair to say, they LOVED IT!

Watch the trailer: NIPAI 3-Week Physical Theatre and Directing Residency, Hungary 2021

Editor: Andrea Terrasa @AndreaTerrasa Cinematographer: Veronika Zhuk @veronia_zhu Composer: TPRMX

What happens when you spend 3 weeks in Hungary with NIPAI? 🤔

21 Days of an Intense Physical Theatre Experience 🎭

7 Hours of daily training 💪🏼

8 Countries represented 🌍

5 Languages spoken 🗣

1 ensemble performance 👯‍♀️👯‍♂️

And a network of professional colleagues to last a lifetime 🤗

Thank you to our amazing community, who make it possible for this program to happen: our students, our colleagues, & our partners!

We are excited to see you in the future!

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