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The Director and Sound

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From Beginner to Pro


It is essential for creators of performance to be able to hear the music, understand its influence and communicate the ideas to sound designers. We have seen tons of courses on "Music for Film", but what about Music in Theatre? This course is the answer

Music and sounds are one of the central features of performance, and directors are required to understand the basics of music theory and its application in performance production. The collaboration process of director with composers, music directors, and sound is a creative process, however, still requires professionals. The effective and fruitful collaboration between these parties is a complex mixture of many different techniques, experiences, and individual competencies. 


This course will introduce you to the musical elements used by musicians to create a piece of music: pulse, tempo, metre, rhythm, melody, harmony, structure, texture, timbre and dynamics. You’ll learn how to identify the different musical elements. Hearing the musical elements is the first step to understanding how a piece of music ‘works’, but translating what you hear into words will require using the language which musicians use. This is the key to successful collaboration between director and composer or sound designer.


  • The element of rhythm

  • Melody and timbre

  • Harmony

  • Texture, dynamics and structure

  • Music as model, method and metaphor


  • identify the different musical elements in the music you listen to

  • discuss the musical elements that you hear using technical language

  • analyse the musical effects created by composers by thinking about how they use and manipulate the musical elements

  • understand composition and manipulation of audio to create a desired effect or mood 

  • explore powerful collaboration of sound and picture, rhythm and tempo 


distant tasks, self-studies, teacher-student interaction and others.

Level: Advanced. 

Studies Duration: 3-Month

Language: English

Certificate: Upon completing all assignments, students can receive a Certificate.

Upon successful completion of all tasks, students can receive a Certificate of Completion.

Next Program Start:
September 2023
October 2023

Program Duration: 3 months 

Program Format: Online

Language: English

Certificate: Available 



This is a unique and renowned course designed specifically for those who are already practicing and feel a need for specific knowledge. The program enables you to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, tools in the specific field of theatre directing so that you could apply it immediately and reach your results 


  • gaining access to up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge

  • obtaining knowledge of a wide range of directing methodologies and practices 

  • high-class faculty and guidance 


  • studying online alongside the work 

  • accessibility to knowledge from all over the world

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