Theatre Directing Certificate Distance Program


The NIPAI's 1-Year Online Theatre Directing Program gives students the all-around directing experience necessary to make their own performances and shows. The year is divided into two semesters, depending on the start date.  Students in the program receive hands-on distant tasks, materials and learning sessions to give you tools and empower your skills to a professional level. 

The curriculum integrates intensive study in all the major directing disciplines, including classical approach to play analysis, dramatical structure, composition, rehearsal techniques, ensemble building, Stanislavskian Acting Methodology, Meyerhold and Biomechanics, Michael Chekhov. 

The program enables you to acquire an informed experience, knowledge, skills, tools and understanding of the theatre directing profession. This program is for people who have the passion to plunge into theatre directing. Distant learning offers an incredible flexibility with the same qualification as you would receive from the blended learning course at NIPAI, still emphasizing on a practical investigation of each topic. 

Offering impressive learning flexibility, this program is ideal for ambitious professionals who travel for work, cannot attend campus or are looking to balance work and study to apply their learnings in real-time. As in all NIPAI programs, the one-year course emphasizes hands-on learning. We teach theatre directing practically through a sequence of tasks.

All students pursuing a certificate program at The New International Performing Arts Institute must be proficient in English and earn a bachelor's degree (at a minimum) or an acceptable equivalent. Applicants must also submit a Creative Portfolio, more details on Entry Requirements see here.

Program Duration: 1 year 

Program Format: Online 

Final Exam:  Performance Explication Book

Next Intake: Rolling Admission



This is a unique and renowned course designed specifically for those who are already practicing as or who wish to establish themselves as professional theatre directors and immediately apply gained knowledge to work. 


  • gaining access on up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge

  • obtaining knowledge of a wide range of directing methodologies and practices 


  • studying online alongside the work 

  • accessibility to knowledge from all over the world



As our students are busy with their professional lives and need flexibility, we offer a variable study duration. Students can apply for Theatre Directing Course at any time during the year to learn alongside work, empowering them to apply gained knowledge and skills to their work immediately


Students who wish to delve deeper into a specific topic can choose to attend an additional practical session from the elective projects that is in line with their interests.


We designed a special assessment system for students of NIPAI. It allows students to feel free from conventional examinations. Instead of common grading system we established a score system. After each completed task the  student receives points, after certain number of collected points, the student moves to the next level and is allowed to proceed to next semester.
This system is specifically designed to avoid subjective assessments by lecturers.

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