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Students Intake: 2021-2022

Start chasing your dreams, learning real-world skills, and turning your creative passion into your own original works in performing arts at the New International Performing Arts Institute. All programs are taught by professionals with a hands-on approach of learning by doing.

Our long term programs can be held as blended learning with in-class and distance learning sessions or as fully Distance Learning. If you are unable to attend our in-class sessions for your program, we will work with you to accommodate accordingly or you can choose to complete the program in a distance learning format!

Distance Learning is held fully online and the courses content and teaching methods are on a par with those offered in our blended courses, yet designed to support learning flexibility and access from around the world.

Applications are now open for rolling admission and we’re ready to hear from you!

Send us an email with a copy of your CV and we will be in touch to discuss your eligibility for your choice of the online program:


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