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Movement Directing


Review of the Movement Directing Program


Become a movement director and coach by doing. Beyond the theory, the New International Performing Arts Institute places an emphasis on hands-on experience.


Students will create choreography, learn stage combat, rehearse with actors, teach, learn and much more with NIPAI professional faculty who are working professionals in theatre and film industry. Students receive real-world training that prepares them to achieve success in the industry by creating an educational professional experience few other institutes can offer. Our Movement Directing program curriculum blends academic theory with practical skills to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to actually land a job in the competitive field of movement directing, actors coaching and teaching.

In the creation of every program, we worked with students and faculty from around the world. We adapted the best ideas and elements from top university movement directing programs and designed an alternative which provides a thorough grounding in movement coaching, and is also flexible in meeting the diverse needs of our students.

We give an opportunity to learn directing through a variety of options, through a dynamic blend of InClass sessions, distant learning, workshops, and immediate application of gained knowledge at the organizations with a professional crew. Students work with actors from the first day of their classes and will learn and explore the numerous tools, practices, methods and challenges that movement directors face on-set and at rehearsals. In addition to all practical sessions, creative tasks and online classes, students assist other members of their groups in the roles of choreographers, directors, and performers, and in NIPAI Diploma Programs students should make their graduation performances. 

Students interested in enrolling in Movement Directing programs or workshop at the NIPAI can do so year-round as NIPAI offers rolling admissions. To learn more about the start dates and tuition rates for the classes, click here.


Designed for students wishing to make a long-term commitment to movement directing, students at the NIPAI can choose from the following programs.

18-month Movement Directing Course



NIPAI's offers 1-Year Movement Directing Program for those students who wish to get special education and become certified in movement directing. 

One-Year Movement Directing Course


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At NIPAI, students of the online courses experience a transformative journey as they explore aspects and elements of movement directing in performance production.

3-Month Online Course


During the 18-month Movement Directing Diploma Course, students learn how to make professional performance and shows, and at the last semester of the program, students should work at the theatre organization on their Graduation Performance which should be showcased to the audience. Each student, upon successful completion of the program, receives a NIPAI Diploma.


Another wonderful aspect of NIPAI programs is the multiculturality of our students. The NIPAI draws an incredibly diverse, international groups of students who share a passion for telling, creating and sharing stories. Recent programs included students from the USA, Canada, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, India, Israel, Russia, Japan, and China.

Working on student projects alongside peers from different countries and cultures is excellent training for the innovative, new, multidimensional approach to performance making, and also offers our students personal opportunities to learn more about new stories and cultures.

The combination of non-stop collaborative work, blended education, diverse cultures and a shared passion for performing arts and theatre, make our programs enriching experiences.  Students often say that the NIPAI's programs and workshops are the most exciting, rewarding creative experience they have ever had.

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