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Learning Concept


New International Performing Arts Institute is New because we aim to find a new breath in performing arts, new horizons for researches, new approaches and applications that will help our students to make new discoveries!

According to the Knowledge Applicability Concept, students work on their projects parallel to their studies, with the support and input of our faculty who are themselves active members of the international performing arts community.


Projects give students the necessary skills to implement the acquired knowledge and tools in performance making. 

During the study each student directs, performs, experiments, creates and works with professional crew!

NIPAI philosophy is learning by doing. From day one, students start to create their own original works of art, completing studies with their masterstroke - Study Projects. In every course offered by NIPAI, students receive hands-on education from our prestigious faculty through a combination of in-class sessions, distant learning, workshops, webinars, and student-guided projects.

Students apply and transfer corresponding knowledge of methods, theories and practices gained throughout their studies to concrete, challenging tasks of creative leaders in contemporary real-world performing arts industry.

This project enables students to follow their own interests and objectives throughout the course of study and result in creation of the independent Graduation Performance in real-life settings of the professional theatre organization and its crew. 

The Knowledge Applicability Concept also benefits the organizations with which students carry out their projects. Organizations gain access to the latest knowledge in performing arts studies and obtain a complete project that can be applied immediately within the company. They also have the opportunity to recruit from some of the best trained students in the field.


Due to the broad geographical spread of our students and our international approach, it is fundamental that the program ensures access and flexibility.

NIPAI utilizes a variety of delivery methods, including face-to-face learning and training, consultative lessons, live e-learning and self-paced learning. By combining these approaches with actual job tasks, students gain a holistic view of the subject matter from learning, creating and working professionally simultaneously.

The study is accompanied by a program mentor who provides students with support and advises them about the ways of improvement the effectiveness in the program and project.



As our students are busy with their professional lives and need flexibility, we offer variable study duration. Students can apply for NIPAI programs  at any time during the year and can start the program with either the practical session or distant tasks and online seminars.


Students who wish to delve deeper into a specific topic can choose to attend an additional practical session from the elective projects that is in line with their interests.


We designed special assessment system for students of NIPAI. It allows students to feel themselves free from conventional examinations. Instead of common grading system we established a score system. After each completed task  student receives points, after certain number of collected points, student moves to the next level and is allowed to proceed to next semester.
This system is specifically designed to avoid subjective assessments by lecturers.

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