Latina - Italy


The place where "new" creative leaders grow

It is well known that Italy is the place where the artist should visit at least once!

It is home for many arts, hundreds of great artists were born here, many great artists from around the world came to Italy for inspiration. 

NIPAI also invites you here to immerse yourself in the world of art and creation. 

 Located in 60 km from Rome - the capital of Italy, Latina is the second-largest city in the Lazio region. 


Latina offers a perfect atmosphere for studies. 


L'associazione Anfiteatro Academy a.s.d. is the home of art and artists, where new talents are formed and creativity is experimented and processed. At the center of its activity is artistic training and sharing of art, a place for students and professionals who wish to keep up to date and exchange ideas through workshops, training, meetings and conferences.
It is a new space, large, modern, dynamic and hi-tech where new projects grow, experiments and avant-garde insights inserted within an international perception of art in continuous movement and evolution.

NIPAI has housing coordinators who will be glad to assist you. Please feel free to contact them here



Venue Address: Via Maira, 04100 Latina LT, Italy


  • July 2020

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