Gennadiy Ostrenko

Movement Directing, Scenography

Gennadiy Ostrenko is an award-winning director and scenographer with an eclectic range of works. He has created and staged dozens of scenes working on movement with actors, worked on creative projects in different countries including Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia and Malta, Russia, Ukraine.

Gennadiy has been a movement director in many international performance productions in Russia and Ukraine, including award-winning performances of the International Shakespeare Performance Project. He has directed movements for “Passions of Romeo”, "Rehearsing Richard", "Lullaby for Hamlet", "Love and Death in Verona" and many other creative works.

Gennadiy Ostrenko's passion for the movement has resulted in a newly designed program for performers - "Theatre Biomechanics". This program is mainly based on Vsevolod Meyerhold investigations of techniques for performers training. Gennadiy based his program on elements of classical Meyerhold's biomechanics, which go in conjunction with contemporary methods of performers' preparation.

In the 1990s, Gennadiy started to research Russian avant-garde of the 1920's of the past century, particularly Theatre Biomechanics of Vs. Meyerhold. And it became his specialization. For past decades, he has taught students around the world practical Theatre Biomechanics. Moreover, he has developed and enriched traditional Theatre Biomechanics with his gained knowledge from other techniques.

Since 2004, Gennadiy is a very valuable member of the performance production team at IUGTE.

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