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The place where "new" creative leaders grow

Csurgó is a small town of 5,300 enthusiasts in the south-western part of Somogy county, at the confluence of three regions - Inner Somogy, Zala Hills and the Drava region. The settlement can be reached by road from Nagykanizsa, Nagyatád and Barcs, its railway station is located along the Budapest-Gyékényes line.
The history of the settlement on the southern slopes of the Inner Somogy hills dates back to the founding of the state. According to tradition, its first documented mention is made in the founding charter of the abbey of Zalavár in 1019, in which it was included among the settlements endowed with the right to hold fairs. Knowing this privilege, Csurgó already played a central role in the area at that time.

The beautiful buildings of this friendly, intimate city, the historical library of the Reformed Grammar School and its untouched natural environment - the nearby Danube-Drava National Park - offer lasting experiences to visitors.


The baroque main axis of the culture centre expands into a rectangular, beautifully landscaped urban space. Its atmosphere reflects the long-standing prestige of one of the country’s most traditional schools. This image is not spotless, but the town hall, the turn-of-the-century buildings of the hotel, and some imagination help the passer-by to imagine what it could have been like and what space will be like if his wounds heal. Here is the café, theatre, the concert hall, the city festivities are held here. In the attic there is a music school, clubs, smaller lecture halls. The location of each unit came naturally: the café into the corner house, and the great hall, which required silence, wanted an interior further away from the traffic.

As it is in the city centre, it is easy to find everything that is needed: cafes, shops, parks, museums, accommodation, fitness clubs and swimming pool.

The training room is spacious, light, well heated and ventilated. 


The accommodation for students can be organized in a unique venue: Csurgo Historical Park.

It is located in 1,5 km from the training studio, and it takes around 10 minutes of slow-speed walk from the studio. 

On the western border of Somogy county, in the old town of Csurgó, in the recently opened Historical Park, everything the traveler may need is together: interesting sights on a historical educational trail, comfortable accommodation at a low price, rooms suitable for organizing events. In the spacious yard, there is a spice and herb garden, an oven, a fireplace to help you relax. 

This place, where the Historical Park was built, preserves the oldest memories of the city. Here stood the monastery of the Templars and Johannites in the 1200s, here was the castle, where the Turks fought with the soldiers of Miklós Zrínyi and Bálint Török. Béla also rested, and the church of the monks still stands here, its bell inviting the pilgrims of Mary's Way today. Their accommodation is housed in the building of the 18th-century owner, the Majesty of George Festetics.

The 10 stations of the Historical Park bring to life the nodes of the history of our country and our city with various means. The most popular is the Palán Castle, with its spectacular bastions inviting children and adults alike. Walking through the herb garden, we can also recall the hard-working life of the old Hungarian grandmothers, remembering Bálintné Török Pemflinger Katalin. At the end of the walk, there is a rest and a fireplace, an oven.

The accommodation can invite 21 people at a time. In addition to the kitchenette, dining room, laundry and drying room, there is a community space for spiritual recharging and cleansing.

The accommodation has two double and one triple room with a separate bathroom for each room.

There is also a room with 4 bunk beds for females and another room with 4 bunk beds for males, they have a shared bathroom with 3 showers, a sink and a toilet.. 

The accommodation is pretty modest in accordance with prices (around 10 eur per night per person). 

There is an unparalleled spacious, cosy lounge, dining room, kitchenette, laundry and drying room.

There are a shop and a restaurant next door. Hosts provide lockable storage space for bicycles.

There is free wifi on the territory of the park and free parking. 

Students are free to choose to stay at other hotels in Csurgo. 

NIPAI has housing coordinators will be glad to assist you and provide necessary details about housing, pricing, transportation, etc. 

Please feel free to contact them here


Prices for accommodation at the Historic Park can be found on the Official Website of this venue.

Prices of accommodation:

In a shared room 4000, - HUF / person / night with separate bathroom. 

In the 8-bed pilgrim room (from a minimum of 4 people):

4-7 people: 3,500 HUF / person / night
8-16 people: 2,800 HUF / person / night
Over 16 people: 2,500 HUF / person / night

The prices are stated in Hungarian currency - forint.

Please, check the actual exchange rates. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner participants can prepare by themselves at the mini-kitchen of the venue, or have it at the local restaurants or cafes. 

Please note that all prices are regulated by the hotel's administration. The organizers will try to notify participants in case of any changes.

Participants shall inform organizers about the reservation of the rooms for them. 

Participants can choose to stay at other places in Csurgo. 



The address of the venue with accommodation: 8840 Csurgó, Táncsics tér 1.

The address of the training studio: Csokonai Közösségi Ház, Csurgó, Széchenyi tér 1, 8840 



    7-28 June 2021