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The place where "new" creative leaders grow

First documented in the 13th century Berlin has become one of the most visited cities in the world! 

Throughout the whole history Berlin has been damaged many times, but has always found its ways of getting back to live! It was many times claimed, that Berlin is a world city of culture, politics, media and science. 

Its architecture is sometimes paradoxical and diverse. One neighborhood can host ancient side streets with distinctive red-brick architecture, another one is an avenue lined by monumental buildings, designed in the Socialist Classicism style, in the same neighborhood we can find gran palaces, beautiful mythological fountains which are now located right next to sky-scraping towers. Sometimes, it is just breathtaking! 

Berlin provides an ideal location for a study in the field of directing and creative management.  

A leader in arts, the city is home to numerous institutes & centers dedicated to the advancement of performing arts, and hosts conferences and festivals throughout the year. It has strong, established creative industry, a busting performance scene, as well as the general lifestyle are a very part of the Berlin way of life as is seen at its theatres, festivals, creative events and non-stop opportunities for artists. This is a city brimming with opportunity. 


During the InClass sessions, students will enjoy the Lake Studios Berlin, a unique living and creative working space with a fast connection into the exciting center of Berlin. The quiet beauty of Müggelsee lake and a forest is only a 5 minute walk away - for in depth concentration on research, creative process and refreshing swims in summer months.

There are several accommodation options around NIPAI' Berlin residency, and  if you are looking for a more economical option, it is also possible to find a furnished room in a shared flat or a studio apartment for a temporary time period.

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