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Review of the Arts Management Program


No other position has more to do with the creative, technical, and financial aspects of arts making than the manager. They work hand in hand with artistic directors, companies, sponsors and different networks. They develop the material, hire the writers, and find the buyers and financiers. They oversee performance development, castings, hiring of the crew, locations, distribution, festivals, and so much more. Ultimately, the arts manager, who is producer too, is the most involved with a project through every phase (from pre-production to production and post-production).

All teams need leaders, and the producer is this leader. If you love Theatre, Dance and Performance Art with a tremendous passion, then learning how to be an arts manager at NIPAI is where your career begins. Manager is more than just "person who search money", but he or she occupies the most important position on any project. From the very beginning to the very end, the producer commands the show, from the art manager depends the success of the show. Nothing can happen without this position.

NIPAI offers a 18-month Arts Management Diploma Course, 1-Year Certificate Program, in-depth 3-week and 6-week workshops. For aspiring creative leaders looking to gain a hands-on education in the craft and business, NIPAI aims to provide one of the best professional education for students of all types and backgrounds.

You begin your first day at NIPAI as not only a student, but as a manager. We treat you as a professional and train you to be the very best. From day one at NIPAI, you develop projects, campaigns, work side-by-side with whole crew, learn technical skills, overseeing productions while learning more and more as you progress through a series of challenging tasks. All of this is paired with expert classroom and distant instruction from our experienced industry professionals.

In NIPAI, you learn strong project management skills without requiring a business school background. In addition, students complete a professional-level, comprehensive production book for feature length projects that will allow you to approach sponsors and other industry professionals with your exciting post-NIPAI project the day you graduate. 


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At the Diploma Courses you will start by introduction to some of the basics of management. Soon after, you will have opportunities to run small scale projects, which will grow into the full scale project involving professionals of different fields.


Each semester offers a variety of new tasks and projects for you to command. Unlike other arts management programs at universities, NIPAI also offers you collaboration opportunities with NIPAI directing course students on their performance production projects throughout the whole semester at the assigned organization. So, in the end, you graduate having completed production project that you have produced, managed and supervised.

Our Arts Management program gives students the opportunity to pursue internships with established production companies. These internships can be invaluable learning experiences and have often been a key step to finding a job, as well as being a nice addition to one’s resume.The combination of hands-on education, a world-class faculty of professional managers, and a curriculum that mirrors the realities and challenges of bringing a production into existence is why many graduates and industry professionals choose NIPAI.

Students interested in enrolling in Arts Management programs or workshop at the NIPAI can do so year-round as NIPAI offers rolling admissions. To learn more about the start dates and tuition rates for the classes, please click here.

Designed for students wishing to make a longer time commitment to their studies, NIPAI offers the following one-year programs:

One-Year Arts Management Certificate Program

18-Month Arts Management Diploma Program

Students interested in making a three- or six-week commitment to their arts management studies are advised to look into a short-term management workshops at NIPAI.

Six-Week Arts Management Workshop

Three-Week Arts Management Workshop


Another wonderful aspect of NIPAI programs is the multi-culturality of our students. The NIPAI draws an incredibly diverse, international groups of students who share a passion for telling, creating and sharing stories. Recent programs included students from the USA, Canada, France, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, India, Israel, Russia, Japan, and China.

Working on student projects alongside peers from different countries and cultures is excellent training for the innovative, new, multidimensional approach to performance making, and also offers our students personal opportunities to learn more about new stories and cultures.

The combination of non-stop collaborative work, blended education, diverse cultures and a shared passion for performing arts and theater, make our programs enriching experiences. Students often say that the NIPAI's programs and workshops are the most exciting, rewarding creative experience they’ve have ever had.